Pet-X Products

Pet-X Odour Control and Pet Care Products
Pet-X products remove unwanted smells and clean the work environment using all natural ingredients and enzymes. With no harsh chemical, the entire Pet-X range is environmentally friendly and safe for both you and your pets. Dog groomers can be confident in knowing they are using the best products for their clients and themselves, and also controlling and eliminating odours without harming the environment.

The Pet-X Product Range

Honey Oat Shampoo
Pet-X Natural Honey Oat Dog Shampoo is made from naturally derived emollients and natural oils. It is designed to sooth and condition your pet's coat. The shampoo has been carefully PH balanced so you can be sure that it's the right shampoo for your dog grooming business or your home use.

Strawberry Kiss Puppy Shampoo
Strawberry Kiss Shampoo is a specially formulated shampoo, bursting with the fragrant sweetness of ripe strawberries, and has been infused with essential oils to leave your dog's coat ultra-clean, soft, lustrous and smelling wonderful.  Strawberry Kiss Shampoo is gentle enough for daily use.

Silky Soft Conditioner
Pet-X Conditioner is a specially formulated conditioner for dogs. It revitalises and adds softness to your dog's coat by creating a protective barrier that retains moisture. It increases comb-ability and adds lustre, leaving your dog looking shiny and clean. It can be applied after shampooing with any of the Pet-X range of shampoos. To ensure your dog's coat is not stripped of its natural oils, this conditioner is sulphate free, pH balanced, and is free of artificial fragrances and colours.

Cologne and Perfumes
Pet-X colognes and perfumes are built to be long lasting, and created to provide an after-bath fresh smell, giving an intense pleasant deodorising effect. These cologne sprays neutralise web coat and other unpleasant pet odours. They have a soothing aroma that lasts up to 4 days. All Pet-X colognes have natural fruit fragrances especially created for pet professionals who want to give their client’s pets a beautiful long lasting scent when they go home. Pet-X perfumes are also available in Elegance and Stigma.  These products are biodegradable and pH balanced for animals. They are a non-aerosol product, giving you 100% cologne without harming the environment. The 250 ml size bottle is the perfect size to sell your clients, for those 'in between groom' moments. Available in Spiced Apple, Strawberries and Cream, Coconut Roast, Mango Delight, Elegance and Stigma.

Cleaner and Odour Eater Concentrate
Pet-X Cleaner & Odour Eater Concentrate is a completely safe and effective Pet-X formula. It works using specially designed enzymes, attacking the odour and soil left behind by pets. Utilising Aircide technology, this product does not just mask odours, but destroys and eliminates them, leaving a pleasant citrus fragrance.
This product is concentrated, and should be diluted before use at the rate of 200 ml per 5 litres of water. For professional groomers, this is a very economical product, leaving work areas smelling fresh and clean continually. No more 'wet dog' smells. At the end of each day we suggest you make up 5 litres of the concentrate, then after wiping down all bench tops, hydro tubs and other work areas, mop the floor and pour the remainder down drains to eliminate all sources of odour.

Odour Xterminator for Dogs
Pet-X Odour Xterminator is an amazing spray specifically designed to clean, trap and digest dog odours, leaving a pleasant citrus fragrance. By doing this it also destroys the Pheromones left behind, so the dog will be deterred from going back to the same spot, making this product perfect for those frustrating puppy training accidents.

Odour Xterminator for Cats
Pet-X Odour Xterminator is an amazing spray specifically designed for cats, to not just mask, but destroy and eliminate all cat odours. Pet-X Odour Xterminator can also be used in that smelly litter tray. Simply use the spray liberally over the litter tray, the product goes to work digesting the odour and leaving behind a pleasant odour free fragrance. Pet-X Odour Xterminator can also be used for any accidents your cat has, like a hairball on the floor. Simply use the spray as a cleaner, it will eliminate any trace that it was there.

Bio Bedding Soak
Pet-X Bio Bedding Soak is the best way to clean and rid your pet's bed of smells and bad odours. This is all done using a completely safe and effective Pet-X formula. The product works by using specifically designed enzymes that attack the very odour and soils left behind by your pet. Utilising Aircide technology, this product will leave the bed smelling fresh and new again. And like all Pet-X products, it is totally natural and safe.

Wave 2.0
Pet-X Odour Eliminating Room Deodoriser Waves work to eliminate odour, leaving your grooming salon smelling fresh and hygienic 24/7. With a range of four fragrances to choose from, simply hang in a position where there is good air flow (e.g. near a window or doorway), and the pleasant fragrance will drift across the room continually. Pet-X Odour Eliminating Room Deodoriser Waves contain no ozone depleting ingredients. Fragrances include Ocean Mist, Lemon, Spiced Apple and Mango fragrances (any combination of fragrances per box of 10).